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TV Review: Undercovers - "Jailbreak"

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This week's target for our Undercovers Agents Bloom (Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Bodjoe) is travelling to Ireland and England to recover a CIA hardrive in danger of falling into enemy hands.

Before talking about the mission itself, let's focus at Sam's sister, Lizzy. As in every episode, we can see the action moving to the catering company that Sam and Steven own as part of their cover. There, the couple find Lizzy working hard at 7 a.m. which seems really suspicious for Steven. We know that Lizzy is a bit of a troublemaker and always has second intentions. Steven has the right to be suspicious and he even has the guts to joke about Lizzy's past alcoholism in order to understand why she's working in the business that early in the morning. Steven, don't be bad! There's a reason she's there; she needs money for her cooking classes! Do you believe that? I don't! Steven doesn't help her, and warns Sam that Lizzy is going hit her up for money. In the end, Sam, always the very nice and supporting sister, gives $700 to Lizzy with the promise to pay them back soon.

So are we getting a bit of mystery in this week's episode? The answer is yes but just a little! We see Agent Shaw (Gerald McRaney) speaking on the phone with an unidentified male about the Blooms and the need to be careful or else they will find out the true reason of their reactivation. Nice way of teasing us but we want to know what's behind!! Please, try to be more specific!

Another hint is dropped during the mission when Leo (Carter MacIntyre) asks Sam why she hasn't told Steven her true reason for leaving the agency five years earlier. So, does this mean that Leo knows the real reason? Does that reason involve him? Still, we have to thank Leo because at least, we got to know something new about the Blooms. It turns out Sam and Steven made a pact about not talking about their past. Whoa!

Overall, this week's mission is much more interesting than those we've seen so far. There are some turns in the storyline, but what's important to point out is that the Blooms are doing their job way better. We discover that they are excellent interrogators (especially Sam) and Steven is a human lie detector. It is clear that the couple has things more under control, and despite Leo's presence to help them, I felt they could have solved the mission without him.

One moment really surprising to me was when Leo is taken hostage. Facing the dangerous situation, Sam allows no negotiations with hostage takers, despite the fact that the victim is her friend Leo. What if it was her husband in the same situation? Do you think Sam would act the same way? This kind of behaviour made me think that we don't know Sam's personality at all.

We are not the only ones, Steven doesn't know his wife as well as he thinks he does either. He can be a lie detector and find out if Sam has given Lizzy the money she wants but the mutual communication and understanding he shows off in front of Agent Shaw once the mission is over is not that apparent from Sam's side.

At the end of the episode, a nervous Sam mentions the "non-speaking about the past" pact and wants to tell Steven something about her past because she feels not telling is no different than lying. Sam is not able to tell him the real reason why she left the agency because Steven assumes and only accepts that Sam left because she fell in love with him and wanted to live a normal life. It's clear that Sam wants to confess but Steven shuts her up with nice and romantic words. Keep insisting, Sam! Do it for us, we want to know!!

What do you think of this week's episode? What do you think Sam is hiding? Share your thoughts!!

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