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Meet Gugu Mbatha-Raw: J. J Abrams' Fresh New Face

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Not only is J.J Abrams well known for his successful and smart productions but also for taking talented "newcomers" and turn them into successful, popular, and prolific stars, see the examples of Keri Russell (Felicity), Jennifer Garner (Alias), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and most recently, Anna Torv (Fringe). He has always made good choices when casting the leading ladies of his shows and I'm sure Gugu Mbatha-Raw won't be an exception in Undercovers.

Mbatha-Raw is yet another example of British actress who trying her fortune with a role in TV across the pond, following the footsteps of Hugh Laurie (House), Tim Roth (Lie To Me) and Stephen Moyer (True Blood). Born in Oxford (just like Laurie), the actress is definitely a newcomer in the U.S but she’s had a quite intense career on TV in shows like Doctor Who and MI5 and in theater in her native England. There is no doubt that her Broadway debut next to Jude Law in Hamlet is her best letter of presentation to the American audience.

Now, every Wednesday, Gugu Mbatha-Raw embodies Samantha Bloom, a sexy former spy who is reactivated next to her spy husband, Steven Bloom (Boris Kodjoe) after years out of the field in NBC's Undercovers. Expect action, sexy chemistry, bantering, and Abrams' trademark essence in the new show.

Reading her recent interview on Essence's website, it seems clear that we're going to be seeing a lot more of Mbatha-Raw in the future. The piece covers her debut on U.S TV, how she's prepared for her role, her opinion about her co-star Boris Kodjoe, and more. It's definitely good reading for those wanting to find out more about this actress.

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