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"House" Season 7 premieres

Little interview I gave to Brooke Shafranek about House Season 7

Season 7 of FOX's hit drama series House M.D. premiered last night to anxious audiences, as the last season ended with a closing-scene shocker: long-time love interest Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) finally opened up into a relationship with Gregory House (Hugh Laurie).

Audiences have been waiting for the pairing since the end of season 4. However, the belated couple is getting mixed reviews from long-time fans.

Freshman international politics major Amber Jones is rooting for the couple. "It's about time that they got together!" Jones said.

Olga Parera, webmistress of the Hugh Laurie Fan website, has a more complicated analysis of the relationship.

"I believe House is capable of a relationship," Parera said. "I've always thought that House is a big romantic and passionate person under a strong and cold façade."

Parera also offered an explanation as to what makes House tick romantically.

"House is a person who's suffered a big heartbreak," Parera said. "He gave himself to a person and that person betrayed him and left him alone in the worst moment of his life. He has trust issues, that is why we've only seen him involved in one night stands."

"He truly understands the word love and all its consequences," Parera continued, "and because of that he is so diligent in giving a go to a serious relationship. I think his stay at Mayfield made him take a different perspective about this subject and give a second chance to love."

However, Parera understands the trepidation over the relationship. "Well, I can say that there are fans that are on the verge of stop watching the show because they feel that House has turned into a soap opera rather than the show it was presented in season 1."

Sophomore electrical and computer engineering major Olesandr Boyko said that House and Cuddy are "going to break up eventually."

"House will use the relationship for his benefit because Cuddy is higher-up than him [being his boss]," Boyko said.

Season 7 could be a make-it or break-it year for the television show depending on how the relationship progresses and how audiences perceive said relationship. House airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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